Hiraseonsen Area

Last updated August. 28, 2014

fffffffffffffootbathffffffHirase Hot Springs

*Hirase Hot Springs
The hot springs contain sulfur and sodium chloride that makes the skin very smooth. Located along a mountain stream, the spring is said to be effective for fertility.
Warmhearted and cordial reception is the boast of this place.
You can also use the Shirayumi Ski field.

Open-air bath for Woman

Open-air bath for menffffffindoor bath for Womanffffffwashing areaffffffbuilding

*Ojirakawa-Onsen-Shiramizu-no-yu Hot Spring Public Bath
Shiramizu-no-yu Abundant hot spring water flowing from the foot of the Hakusan is known as “blessing hot water of having children”. This non-recycling hot spring water makes skin beautiful, a plus for the ladies. Enjoy different styles of baths such as, cypress, open-air, bubbling hot baths and shallow bathtubs where you can lie down.
Bathing fee adult ¥600-, child ¥400-
Open: 10:00-21:00(From April to December)
   11:00-20:00(From November to March)
Regular holiday of Wednesday every week

The Toyama House Museum

The Toyama House Museum

*The Toyama House Museum
Designated as an Important National Cultural Asset in 1971, the house was built in. 1827 by a carpenter from Noto. Representative of the Gassho style, the 14m tall, four-story house has a ground floor and three upper floors within the roof. The 1st floor was used as living space and the 2nd through the 4th floors were used for sericulture.
Open: 10:00-16:00
Closed: Every Wednesday(the day before if a public holiday falls on Wednesday)
Admission fee adult ¥300-, child ¥150-
Wednesday and December 29th – January 3rd every week are regular holidays.
+81-5769-5-2062(Only Japanese)

Miboro Dam


*Miboro Dam
A gigantic dam stands 131 meters in height and 405 meters in width.
It is Japan’s first and largest dam built with the “rock-fill technology” using only stones and clay .
You can see how the dam was built, and how they produce electricity at MIBORO dam side park.

Hakusui lake

Shiramizu WaterfallffffffOjirakawa Open-air BathffffffOjirakawa Camp SiteffffffOjirakawa

*Ojirakawa(Hakusan National Park)
Located about 30 minutes by car from Hirase Hot Springs.
Shirakawa Village office +81-5769-6-1311(Only Japanese)
It is possible to use it from June to October.

Shiramizu Waterfall

The 72m high and 8m wide waterfall is designated as a natural monument of Gifu Prefecture. Water appears to be a milky white color so the falls became known as the white water or “Shiramizu” Waterfall.

Oshirakawa Open-air Bath

Enjoy beautiful scenery while relaxing in this open-air-bath that was opened near Lake Hakusui in 1989.
Bathing fee adult ¥300-, child ¥150-

Hakusan Camping Forest Ohjirakawa

The campsite is within a forest not far from Lake Hakusui and Shiramizu Waterfall.
Admission fee adult ¥800-, child ¥500-

Shirakawa-go Hirase Hot Spring Camp Site

Shirakawa-go Hirase Hot Spring Camp Site

*Shirakawa-go Hirase Hot Spring Camp Site
It is possible to use it from April to November.
Located on the opposite side the Sho River from Hirase Hot Spring, the site has many open areas. Both camping and soaking in a hot spring can be enjoyed at the same site.
+81-5769-5-2100(Only Japanese)

Shirayumi Ski Area

Shirayumi Ski AreaffffffShirayumi Ski AreaffffffShirakawa-go Shirayumi Ski Area

*Shirayumi Ski Area
It is possible to use it from Dcember to March.
Located at 1000m avove sea level, Shirayumi Ski Area is equipped with one ski lift. There are three slope; one family type slope, one gentle slope through white birches, and one slope for advanced skiers with a 38-degree inclination. Snow boarding is permitted. Accommodations are available at Hirase Hot Springs.
Shirakawa Village office +81-5769-6-1311(Only Japanese)