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Aged thatch on the Gassho style roofs is renewed every 30 to 40 years. As a large quantity of thatch is required for replacement, Kaya (grass used for thatching) is reaped and piled to be stored about three years before replacement. These piles are called “nyu.” NyuNyu’s hand is a sickle to reap kaya. Does he grow as he adds kaya into his body???

About the Trust

General Incorporated Foundation Shirakawa-go World Heritage Site Gassho Style Preservation Trust was established to pass the value of the World Heritage Village down to future generations and thereby contribute to the advancement of Japanese culture and the promotion/development of Shirakawa Village by preserving the environment of the Ogi-machi traditional buildings protection district in Shirakawa Village, registered in the World Heritage List (hereinafter “World Heritage Village”), and surrounding areas as well as improving the living environment of the residents.


Welcome to the Gassho Style Village

Project for fiscal 2004:
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Journal “Gassho Style in Shirakawa-go”

The Shirakawa-go World Heritage Site Gassho Style Preservation Trust issues its journal annually to provide information about the activities etc. of the Trust.

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You could read each journal published so far going to the following back issues. For those who cannot see PDF files, please download Adobe Reader (for free).

Shirakawa-go Walking Guide

This map collects sites sure to leave a strong impression in the Ogi-machi Gassho Style Village of Shirakawa Village, as well as things villagers want visitors to see.

Shirakawa-go Walking Guide
Multilingual versions

We prepared the “Shirakawa-go Walking Guide” to introduce every tourist to a variety of scenery in the World Heritage district. While making the guide, we hoped everyone could see the essence of Shirakawa-go and soak up the laid-back atmosphere of this rural area.

Another big objective of this guide is “to prevent overconcentration by decentralizing tourists.” Dispersing visitors to each sight would prevent the atmospheres of rural areas from being destroyed, thus fulfilling our wish for every visitor to enjoy a peaceful time.

In addition, this guide contains the structures of Gassho style houses, overviews of Ogi-machi Village, preservation history, overviews of the world heritage and other descriptions, covering all about Ogi-machi Village all in one volume. On your visit to Shirakawa Village, please pick up this guide to enjoy a walk around the World Heritage Ogi-machi Village.

Duplication and redistribution, including copying and printing, of the Shirakawa-go Walking Guide is prohibited.
白川村役場 白川郷荻町集落の自然環境を守る会